Edguy has always been a global underground phenomenon. While mainstream media widely ignored the ambitious band, Edguy kept things firmly under control themselves and set out to build up a secret society of fans around the globe. For more than a decade the band has toured the world constantly, having played well over 500 shows in more than fourty countries on four continents. And the global work has come to fruition: Edguy‘s newest album AGE OF THE JOKER has reached a remarkable position #25 in the official worldwide sales Top-50 charts. The individual chart positions so far read as follows: Germany #3 Czech Republic #10 Sweden #10 Switzerland #13 UK (Rock) #14 Finland #15 Norway #26 Austria #30 Spain #44 France #63 Japan #74 Italy #79 Lead vocalist Tobias Sammet has issued the following statement: „We‘re still rehearsing for the tour, we sound fantastic I think. Even the drummer. As to those chart figures: It‘s amazing, Nuclear Blast gave us a fortune to produce this album and it was enough to even buy all sorts of useless things on top of it. When they opened their wallets they did not know we‘d come up with the best album since Back In Black. And now they even get some of their money back, fantastic! It seems like the assholes who dislike the album are just a minority (of maybe 6.9297 billion people worldwide, but that‘s a different story - it just proves that a lot of asses need to be kicked yet and we start the Convincing-the-world-that-Edguy-are-the-kings-of-metal-tour next Thursday in Malmö). Well, number 25 is not too bad, considering that when those figures were ascertained, the album wasn‘t even out in a lot of countries (e.g. Canada, USA...)... Jesus, aren‘t we great? God bless you, especially those who bought the album and also the fuckers who think we‘re a bunch of losers without talent. God loves you all! Bless you and see you on the road! - Tobi Wan Kenobi“