Self-described as “heavy, melodic, tongue-in-cheek, and unfashionable,” German superhero heavy metal quintet EDGUY have taken their trademarked sense of humor and neatly packaged it into their eleventh studio album, Space Police: Defenders Of The Crown, which is due out in North America on April 29th. Featuring photos of EDGUY doin’ their live thang in front of concert audiences, the lyric video for the high-energy track “Sabre & Torch” is now available for viewing on YouTube: When asked which Space Police song comes closest to what fans enjoy most about EDGUY, the band’s fun-loving frontman Tobias Sammet shares: “EDGUY is hard to label. The whole album is EDGUY from start to finish, but if I had to pick one at this very moment, I'd go for ‘Sabre & Torch.’ Or maybe ‘Love Tyger.’ Well, or ‘Space Police.’ You see? It's hard. This is the album we're gonna be measured against in the future, and hopefully the rest of the music world, too! Ha ha!” The jewel-case version of Space Police: Defenders Of The Crown can be pre-ordered now from the Nuclear Blast USA Webshop. The track listing is: 01. Sabre & Torch 02. Space Police 03. Defenders Of The Crown 04. Love Tyger 05. The Realms Of Baba Yaga 06. Rock Me Amadeus (Falco cover) 07. Do Me Like A Cavemen 08. Shadow Eaters 09. Alone In Myself 10. The Eternal Wayfarer Space Police: Defenders Of The Crown is the follow-up to 2011’s Age Of The Joker. Visit the EDGUY guys online at Like: Follow: Watch: