Swiss folk metal horde ELUVEITIE just released a brand new song off the bands upcoming album, „Helvetios“, as a X-Mas present for their fans! „Helvetios“ is set to be unleashed February 10, 2012 via Nuclear Blast. Surf to to check out „Meet The Enemy“! HEAVY X-MAS!!! Commented mainman Chrigel Glanzmann: „We're happy and proud to already present you "Meet The Enemy" - track 7 off our upcoming album "Helvetios"! It tells you about the 'encounter' the Helvetians had with the roman legions in the year 58 BC - one of the crucial points in their history, for it was basically when the gaulish wars erupted. So the song is pretty much filled with wrath and rage - upholding the furious spirit you might know from tracks such as "Kingdom Come Undone", "Bloodstained Ground" or "Lament". Furthermore the song's substantial instrumentation (including fiddle, hurdy gurdy, whistles and uilleann pipes) is also enriched by one of the guest musicians, we had the honour to work with - Fredy Schnyder (from NUCLEUS TORN) who contributed some amazing parts on the hammered dulcimer. Hope you enjoy!“ Chrigel | ELUVEITIE