The waiting is finally over as Swiss New Wave Folk Metal superstars ELUVEITIE release their brand new masterpiece »Origins« today! The international media have been raving about the band’s new album, as the following quotes illustrate: “Raw, mystical and grim: With their strongest album to date, Eluveitie outplay themselves and all of their competitors in Folk Metal.” METAL HAMMER (D) | Björn Springorum “Eluveitie excel themselves! Death Metal and Folk merging better than ever!” LEGACY (D) | Manuel Stein "Origins" is a rich and elaborate tapestry of storytelling and musicianship, delivered in typical Eluveitie style. Quite simply this album is a magnificent creation from the concept through to the delivery.” Powerplay (UK) | Glenn Butler "On "Origins", the visual impact of Eluveitie's unique folk metal is taken further than ever before. Cinematic sound effects, beautiful choirs and of course these powerful modern metal riffs completed by some complex yet catchy folk lines. Powerful, inspired and well-balanced, this album is an experience on its own!" Rock Hard France Order the album here: Find your digital version here: ELUVEITIE - Origins (Amazon MP3) ELUVEITIE - Origins (iTunes) (incl. digital booklet + 4 bonus tracks) ELUVEITIE - Origins (Google Play) ELUVEITIE - Origins (Nuclear Blast MP3) ELUVEITIE - Origins (Spotify) Origins - Commentary Album (Track By Track + Album Playlist) More on »Origins«: ‘The Call Of The Mountains’, official video: ‘King, official video: ‘The Call Of The Mountains’, official multilingual track: The first album trailer is available to watch here: The second album trailer can be seen here: The first single ‘King’ is also available as lyric video here: