On October 13th, black avantgarde Norwegians ENSLAVED will unleash their 14th album »E« taking the band to fresh and more progressive shores. After discussing the recording process, new keyboard player and album title in the previous trailers, singer and bassist Grutle Kjellson now explains the concept behind the cover artwork. Designed again by long-time collaborator, Truls Espedal, the album artwork was hand painted on canvas – watch as Grutle explains how he discovered the artist that ENSLAVED have been working with since »Monumension«: https://youtu.be/jkJ9xe5YnSo Grutle remembers: "17 or 18 years ago I lived in Stavanger and was introduced to Truls at a pub on a late Saturday evening. We started to discuss album covers from bands like YES or GENESIS and I remember we were both drunk and seemed to disagree a lot on the definition of a cool album cover. So I said to him 'If you're so clever, why don't you paint the next ENSLAVED cover' and he said 'Yeah, count me in' - so I did!" Next week, the band will unveil another excerpt of their upcoming album, but in case you missed the stunning music video for the 10 minute epic single 'Storm Son' animated by Josh Graham [SOUNDGARDEN, NEUROSIS] you can watch it here: https://youtu.be/GRlhMyXmTYQ Watch the previous album trailers: Trailer 1 - about the album title: https://youtu.be/1JE1nlJm-xo Trailer 2 - about the new band member Håkon Vinje: https://youtu.be/54vhsfTDrQo Trailer 3 - about the recording process: https://youtu.be/uYTMZVWMeNw Tour trailer: https://youtu.be/jkJ9xe5YnSo You can now pre-order the physical editions of the album: http://nuclearblast.com/enslaved-e Or get the digital version and stream new track 'Storm Son' via this link: http://nblast.de/EnslavedDigital