"ENSLAVED stands for epic experiment once again: extreme but eclectic, energetic yet elegant all at the same time. This is a record that leaves you in awe! A superior blend of progressive and harsh metal." ROCK TRIBUNE (B), Vera Mattijssens "»E« is an album that shows the strength of a band that is willing to push their sound to places most metal bands, especially blackened ones, would never go while still letting the metal flow. 2017 has been a great year for metal and with this album ENSLAVED will probably land on a lot of top five lists, if not taking the number one spot." (10/10) METAL TEMPLE (INT), Justin Wittenmeier "Not many bands are brave enough to open their album with an 11-minute epic, but then not many bands are ENSLAVED." BUZZ MAG (UK) Today, black avantgarde Norwegians ENSLAVED finally unleash their new album »E«. After winning several soundchecks in magazines like Rock Hard Germany and Spark, as well as receiving top scores in many reviews, the band once again proves that even after 26 years of existence, quality and innovation still defines them. To have a look at the different formats, check out the new unpacking video of the »E« digipak and vinyls: https://youtu.be/zuliyMx3FfM You can now order the physical editions of the album: http://nuclearblast.com/enslaved-e Or get the digital version and stream the new album here: http://nblast.de/EnslavedDigital