We would like to update the fans about the »Retrospect« error we have at the moment with the following update: This weekend was the release of our long-awaited DVD and Blu-ray, »Retrospect«. We had an awesome time presenting it to the fans through the live premiers in several movie theaters around the world. Unfortunately over the weekend the news reached us that on a small part (a mere 50 to 100 copies total) of the Blu-Ray pressing an incorrect disk was put in the final packaging. There is also an error on disk 2 of some (non Blu-ray) of the DVD pressings, where the outro is missing. This comes to us as a terrible blow. After the misfortune with »Requiem For The Indifferent« we made absolutely sure that this product would be 100% in order. Therefore we personally checked the final master several times until it was perfect. However, somewhere in the final stage, when it was beyond our control, something went wrong. If you face either of these problems please contact Nuclear Blast at: customerservice@nuclearblast.de . They will be able to help you further. We want to let you know that we currently are doing everything to right these wrongs. As soon as we have a further update on this we will let you know. Sincerely, EPICA