Retrospect, the live release from Dutch symphonic metal band EPICA, is out now as a deluxe hardcover book with 36 pages, both as a 2DVD/3CD and 2Blu-ray/3CD version! Check out the third clip from Retrospect, “Martyr of the Free Word”, online at: EPICA’s guitar player Isaac Delahaye comments: "This is one of my favorite tracks to play live: starting fast and furious, going into a groovy verse, giving the choir a pole position in the bridge. Awesome. We're very happy that this great show is now officially out on DVD and Blu-Ray, and that we can share this with all of our fans. We're already working hard on the new studio album, but this retrospect release reminds us of the great times we've lived so far. And we're glad you've been part of it!" On March 23 2013, EPICA celebrated its 10th anniversary with a special concert dubbed Retrospect. EPICA played in front of nearly five thousand ecstatic fans and performed the biggest hits from across the spectrum of their entire catalog. During this evening the band was accompanied by the seventy piece Extended Reményi Ede Chamber Orchestra and the Miskolc National Theatre Choir, playing an unforgettable 3-hours best-of set. Ten high-definition cameras captured this very special sold-out show. The track listing for Retrospect is: 01 – Introspect 02 – Monopoly On Truth 03 – Sensorium 04 – Unleashed 05 – Martyr Of The Free Word 06 – Chasing The Dragon 07 – Presto 08 – Never Enough 09 – Stabat Mater Dolorosa 10 – Twin Flames 11 – Serenade Of Self-Destruction 12 – Orchestral Medley 13 – The Divine Conspiracy ~Anniversary Edition~ 14 – Delirium 15 – Blank Infinity 16 – The Obsessive Devotion 17 – Retrospect 18 – Battle Of The Heroes & Imperial March 19 – Quietus 20 – The Phantom Agony 21 – Cry For The Moon 22 – Sancta Terra 23 – Design Your Universe 24 – Storm The Sorrow 25 – Consign To Oblivion 26 – Outrospect | |