"»Armageddon« comes much closer to a brave resurrection than the proclaimed end of the world. Better raise your glasses –both thumbs up!" Metal Hammer (D) | 6/7 Points "EQUILIBRIUM deliver an album full of diversity and thoughtful lyrical topics, without forgetting about their typical good humour! This release will bring tears of joy to every fan’s eye." LEGACY (D) | 12 Points "If this is what the apocalypse sounds like, we all have to expect a wonderful musical highlight for our death. What a lovely way to make an exit. ORKUS (D) "A completely unique metal mixture, that can only come from the originators themselves." SONIC SEDUCER (D) "Hymns, hymns and more hymns! Equilibrium deliver their best songs to date, increase their heaviness and provide a vast range of diversity." EMP (D) NUCLEAR BLAST are proud to announce that the new masterpiece of German epic metal pioneers EQUILIBRIUM, »Armageddon«, entered the official German Charts at #5. Congratulation Boys!!! Mastermind René Berthiaume states: "This message really blew us away! We can only say ‘thank you’ to all our loyal fans who supported us all these years! We didn’t make compromises on this album and only did what we wanted to do. Authenticity was always very important for me and this is something that you can hear on this new release. We received so many messages from fans who thanked us for addressing topics on »Armageddon« that apparently moved them too – and we are so happy about this!” Order the album here: http://nblast.de/EquiArmageddonNB Digital here: http://nblast.de/EquilibriumDownloads