The current masterpiece by Italian symphonic death metal masters FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, »King«, was released in February through Nuclear Blast. After a European tour with Finnish folk metallers in ENSIFERUM and Danish metallers HEIDRA as well as several festival shows, the time has come for the band to conquer the clubs of their home country. Dates as follows: 30.09. I Modena - Modena Metal Ink 07.10. I Calenzano - Cycle 09.10. I Perugia - Afterlife 13.10. I Pozzuoli - Crash Zone c/o Madras Club 14.10. I Roma - Traffic 15.10. I Pinarella Di Cervia - Rock Planet 20.10. I Ranica - Druso 21.10. I San Donà Di Piave - Revolver 22.10. I Borgo Priolo - Dagda Club 27.10. I Torino - Cap 10100 28.10. I Mortegliano - Festintenda 30.10. I Collecorvino - Hi Hat Play 31.10. I Foggia - Karisma Live Club Additionally, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE will be recording a brand-new music video at Afterlife Club Perugia on October 9th. Don't miss the chance to be a part of this unique evening! Order »King« here: Get the digital version here: