On March 29th, FOREVER STILL will unleash their sophomore full-length release »Breathe In Colours« via Nuclear Blast. Inspired by a dystopian cyberpunk future and the fact that some of the biggest works in that genre, Blade Runner and Akira, are set in 2019, Denmark's highflyers have adapted a dark musical concept for this record and take a look at the world being on the verge of ecological collapse, while humanity is fleeing into cyberspace to escape the horrors of the real world. After the epic 'Rew1nd', the band now unveils the second single of their upcoming album - their title track 'Breathe In Colours'. The song title and album name was inspired by a memory from Maja's past, as she explains: "The album title was born from an experience, I had as a young teenager, where I started wearing all black and a friend of my mother’s suggested that I wear more colours. I told her that it’s just an aesthetic preference and she replied that it was okay “as long as I remembered to keep the colours on the inside”. At that time I thought, it was the stupidest thing, I’d ever heard, since wearing black clothes doesn’t automatically mean you’re sad inside. Despite thinking that, her words stuck with me and I was able to have it make sense in a new way much later in life. For this album it’s an affirmation that even though the world sometimes seems cold and grey, there is still colour and kindness to be found, but in order to see it, we first have to find the colours on the inside." Watch the music video for the haunting track 'Breathe In Colours' here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOo0qgHpCac

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Pre-order your physical or digital version of FOREVER STILL's sophomore album now: http://nblast.de/FSBreatheInColours