The official live performance video for the song “There Is No Hope” by New York thrashers GENERATION KILL - featuring Rob Dukes (EXODUS), Rob Moschetti (ex-PRO-PAIN / M.O.D.), Jason Trenzcer (ex-MUTILATION), Jason Velez, and James DeMaria (ex- MERAUDER) – is now available for viewing on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel: The track comes from the band’s second studio album We're All Gonna Die, which was released last November. Vocalist Rob Dukes offer’s this update: “GENERATION KILL have tour offers on the table that we are excited about. We had fun on our last tour in Europe and the shows were great. We made a lot of new friends and fans. We look forward to doing it again. After making We're All Gonna Die, we immediately started writing new songs. We will be working with Zeuss again and it will be a blast, I'm sure. That guy is a great producer and makes making music fun and exciting. He’s also a funny motherfucker and brutally honest. It's awesome to be challenged by him. I've been spending my time in the last few weeks riding my motorcycle, getting right with my soul and moving forward with my life. I just got married and moved out west. I'm planning to race in the Baja 1000, so my wife and I moved closer to the desert so I can concentrate on that while at the same time work on new music with GENERATION KILL.“ We're All Gonna Die can be ordered with a limited edition “draft card” autographed & hand-numbered by Rob Dukes from the Nuclear Blast USA Webshop: PENNYWISE guitarist Fletcher Otis Dragge offers the following album endorsement: “Even though I was born and raised on SoCal punk rock, I’ve always had a place in my heart for hardcore metal. I got one thing to say about the new GENERATION KILL record: FUCK YEAH!!! Fast, heavy, hard-hitting in-your-face assault!!! A fucking +. Get this record now!!!” GENERATION KILL lyric videos on YouTube: • “Prophets Of War” - • “Vegas” - Visit GENERATION KILL online: Like - Twitter – Watch –