Get the new RHAPSODY OF FIRE record „From Chaos To Eternity“ TODAY Today is the release day of the brandnew RHAPSODY OF FIRE album „From Chaos To Eternity“, which is another masterpiece in the outstanding history of the italian act. ”This album has two hearts: in the first 8 titles we let the guitars blast stronger again, putting emphasis rather on basic heavy metal... but with the last song we defined once again the cinematic impact of our music for the grand finale of Rhapsody’s tale”, Alex Staropoli states concerning this year's variant of their ”Film Score Metal” and the alignment of the new opus, which into the bargain finalizes the fantasy saga of the emerald sword that has been continued from the debut on for more than 15 years. Once again Christopher Lee, doyen of dramatic arts, could be won over as the narrator, who introduces the lyrical concept in the theatric intro 'Ad Infinitum' and furthermore guides the listener through 'Heroes Of The Waterfalls´ Kingdom' which is 20 minutes long and the concluding centerpiece of the album “Epic symphonies with a strong metal attitude, “From Chaos To Eternity” is another killer album from Rhapsody Of Fire”, says METAL HAMMER, Italy. "Rhapsody of Fire draw worlds constantly changing, thanks to the immense work of Turilli's guitar. Joy, anger, love and hate are just some of the emotions painted by the music of "From Chaos to Eternity", another amazing album of Rhapsody of Fire.", wrote METAL MANIACS, Italy. To sum it up: RHAPSODY OF FIRE have created a record that – like all of its precursors – will be able to stand the proof of time with ”Summa cum Laude”.