The baptisms of fire continue for GOTTHARD: In the next few days the completely revamped website will be launched. Not only the appearance but also the information content makes it worth a look. As a result GOTTHARD’s online presence typifies their new album "Firebirth". With this release the group reached the top 10 in the German Media Control Charts for the second time in their history: Two weeks ago it reached number 9. In Switzerland the release once again reached the number 1 spot. "With this album we have succeeded a kind of comeback or baptism of fire," says bassist Marc Lynn. " Firebirth " has given us an incredible new start. We are overwhelmed by the success of the whole CD and just feel it needs a new homepage. We have therefore completely revamped the old one. " Just a few days ago the band performed at the “Moon and Stars” festival in Locarno, Switzerland. The Confederates headlined in front of 10.000 people on the packed Piazza. They surprised with several special guests, such as the Lucerne Caledonians who joined in on “Yippie Aye Yay” with their bagpipes as well as a 20-headstrong children’s choir on “Love Soul Matter”. Highlight of the performances was a tribute to Steve Lee. During the songs “The Train and “Heaven” his pictures and text excerpts were shown on the screens. GOTTHARD reached 100.000 “fans” following them on Facebook. The band wants to thank everyone for the amazing support. Find us on Facebook: