After the tragic accident of their friend and singer Steve Lee, who died in the United States on 5th of October 2010, the musicians of the Swiss rock band Gotthard withdrew from the public towards the end of the year in order to take a break. Now they are back with plans for the future and to tackle a difficult task. Quote from Leo Leoni: „... after the very emotional days following Steve‘s death, it was important for all of us to come to terms with the pain, let the incident sink in and find ourselves again. So we got together at the beginning of the year and started considering the new situation ... it was clear to all of us quite quickly, that it has to go on - GOTTHARD is not a job - GOTTHARD IS OUR LIFE „! Quote from Hena Habegger: „... of course we can only continue if we are lucky enough to find the right man. For us, it is not just a voice that can bring our songs back to life... more precisely we are looking for a singer whose personality also matches ours - the Gotthard Family!