Swedish riff gods GRAND MAGUS have just released their new masterpiece „The Hunt” today! With their sixth studio album and likewise Nuclear Blast debut, the metal purists manage to better their highly celebrated 2010 masterpiece “Hammer Of The North” easily. “The Hunt” was produced by Nico Elgstrand, who managed to put an authentic 70s mark on the record. The guitars roar, the rhythm front around the new drummer Ludwig (Spiritual Beggars and others) grooves as hell and JB outgrows himself as far as the vocals are concerned. Thus, the trio has created a phenomenal and impressive heavy metal opus! The press agrees: Metal Hammer Germany, Soundcheck #1 Legacy, Soundcheck #2 Rock Hard Germany, Soundcheck #5 Metalnews.de, Rating 6/7 “A Pure Heavy Metal Masterpiece” Rumore | Mario Ruggeri (Italy) “A infectious stab of balls-out metal played with style and conviction” 4/5 |Terrorizer | Lee MacBride (UK) “This power trio gets better with the years! Grand Magus = Great Magic right now.” Rock Tribune | Vera (NL) “Slow burning, epic and heavy as hell. Packed with riffs and featuring some of Grand Magus’ best compositions. Proper Swedish heavy metal thunder.” Metal Hammer UK | Tome Dare Get your copy in the The Itunes (album incl. booklet) you get here: http://itunes.com/grandmagus