Today, Swedish grandmasters of classic rock, GRAVEYARD, release their fourth full-length album, »Innocence & Decadence«, via Nuclear Blast. To celebrate the release the band is also premiering the official music video for their latest single, 'Too Much Is Not Enough': "With this GRAVEYARD cement their status as the kings of the vintage rock genre!“ VISIONS / Jan Schwarzkamp „A simply marvelous non-modern album – more retro vibe is quite impossible!“ CLASSIC ROCK / Simone Bösch “A lesson in rock!” EMP / Jürgen Tschamler „60ies to the max! GRAVEYARD at their best!“ RCN / Wolfram Hanke „#4 is so orgiastic and bacchanalian, it could even top LED ZEPPELINs tetralogy!“ TICKET / Stefan Baumgartner »Innocence & Decadence« is available in various formats (vinyl look digipak, digital download, black/clear/splatter/orange/green/bi-coloured vinyl as well as a T-Shirt/CD bundle) - order your copy here: