An album preview of GRAVEYARD’s recently released masterpiece „Hisingen Blues“ is now available exclusively on These classic rockers from Gothenburg recently entered the Swedish album chart at No. 1 and trumped pop icon Britney Spears’ new album for the coveted spot. GRAVEYARD also hit the German Media Control Charts on position #78! Congrats, boys! To complete a day of good news, the band has also been confirmed as support to IRON MAIDEN for their gig on July 1, 2011 at the Ullevi Staduim/Gothenburg – together with label mates SABATON. Commented Drummer Axel Sjöberg: „If someone would have told us when we were snotty teenagers, that we one day when we all had beards and were grown men, we would open an arena show for Iron Maiden. We'd probably would have believed it. Teenagers are dumb fucks, as we also were. But if someone would have told us a year ago, we'd probably just have told 'em to fuck off and go take the piss out of someone else. Don't know if there's a moral to this story, but the least we can say is that we are humbled and amazed by the fact that we will open for heavy metal legends IRON MAIDEN. As for the charts. What can you say? It feels good. We've always been well recieved by the germans we've played for this far. Now it seems like a bigger part of the german people are embracing our music. We are thankful and honoured and hope to see the same people that put us on the chart on our tour of germany too!“