MUNICIPAL WASTE guitarist Ryan Waste recently caught up with Guitar World’s online editor Josh Hart for a bit of shop talk. Who are the guitarists that you consider your biggest influences? I started out as a bass player, actually, when I was about 13. I was really into heavy metal: Sabbath, Priest, the basics. I didn't pick up guitar until I was 18, so my roots are in rhythm and bass, and I think that makes me a strong rhythm player. For guitar, I listened to a lot of German speed metal: early Sodom, Destruction, Kreator, Assassin, stuff like that. And, of course, there's the obvious ones, Slayer, Anthrax ... that's what I was listening to back in high school. I still feel like a bass player playing guitar sometimes. I'm still working out some lead stuff; I'm always learning on guitar. I don't consider myself a phenomenal player; I try to concentrate on the songwriting and the riffs. Is your pedalboard pretty extensive? Nah, no way. It's A pedal. A mystery pedal. I don't like a lot of effects; it's just more shit that can go wrong. We've got a real high-energy stage show, and I don't want people kicking and stepping on my shit. The less stuff I have on stage, the better. I never really liked having a lot of effects. It seems kind of useless. It's always been all or nothing for me. That's the thing about those signature guitars I've got, all they've got is an on/off switch. No volume, no tone, no channel switcher. Just a bridge pickup, and it's either all or nothing! Read the interview in its entirety at and keep an eye out for Ryan Waste’s “Playlist” feature in Guitar World’s next print issue! MUNICIPAL WASTE’s new album, The Fatal Feast, will be released in North America on April 10th and in Europe on April 13th. Fans can pre-order the CD, deluxe digi-pak, or super limited edition pop-up vinyl gatefold at