When HAMMERFALL released their debut album »Glory To The Brave« in 1997, the five Swedes launched a true heavy metal revival overnight. While the mainstream was saturated with grunge and the metal scene was dominated by black and gothic acts, this traditional metal record was like a godsend and heralded a new era. Now, 20 years later, Nuclear Blast is set to release a fan must have: a »20 Year Anniversary Edition« of the cult album - just in time for christmas! Today, HAMMERFALL unveil the official trailer for the upcoming release, which can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/pE3XNNKXfTE The pre-orders have already started! The gold and black Vinyl, as well as the digital version of the album, will be released on December 1st - with the extensive fan box set (2CD-Digi/DVD+other fan articles, see below) dropping on December 15th (the box set release was postponed!) Pre-order »Glory To The Brave - 20 Year Anniversary Edition«, which will be released with brand-new cover artwork, physically here: http://nblast.de/HammerfallGTTB20Years Or get the digital version: http://nblast.de/HammerfallDigital