The international metal music press unanimously agree that today sees the release of one of the most important metal album of this year – “HUMAN REMAINS” from UK Metal act HELL. 24 years after the original incarnation, HELL are finally earning their respect which has long been overdue. Born from the early 80's uk metal scene, their chances ended in 1987 with the Belgian label Mausoleum going bust and the death of original singer/guitar player Dave Halliday. Today, more two decades later HELL are back and they are on everybody`s lips. Key media from the US, Europe and South America are all talking about " the most important metal release of the last 20 years " – "one of the best debut album in 20 years" with 15 reviews already suggesting the album as an "album of the year" contender. „HUMAN REMAINS“ is an extraordinary masterpiece which combines the feel of true metal and the modern production values of today. STATEMENTS KEY-MEDIA: “A New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. If you want the blueprint of finest true metal….this is it” This will be one of the landmark metal albums of the second decade of the 21st century. It is true metal and stunning. MALCOME DOME / METAL HAMMER / TOTAL ROCK UK Theatrical vocals to die for, timeless heavy metal riffs to kill for and a production to swear by. A guarantee that HUMAN REMAINS will end up on a ridiculous of “Best of 2011” lists THOMAS VÄÄNÄNEN / SWEDEN ROCK A Metal masterpiece! I expected a good album from what i had heard before - but not such a metal masterpiece! it sits perfectly between its instantly identifiable nwobhm roots and more modern, but always classic heavy metal. goosebumps all over! GÖTZ KÜNEMUND / ROCK HARD GERMANY STATEMENT ARTISTS: „HELLish , old school metal, I love it!“ (Wolf Hoffmann / Accept) „Definately a 80's jewel. The crazed psychedelic vocals in combination with the dramatic searing riffs, this will be loved by the fans of true metal of the 80's . This album will get the netal communities attention. (Hansi Kürsch / Blind Guardian) „Madman intensity! Especially with the vocals!“ Marko Hietala (NIGHTWISH / TAROT)