Risen from the dead NWOBHM metallers HELL are announcing their upcoming concerts for the rest of the year via video. Inform yourselves timely on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrl_vSqFWpw and make sure not to miss these high-end shows under any circumstances! After the band had not been able to make the breakthrough despite some promising demos in the 80s, HELL returned in 2008 with an altered lineup consisting of both original and new members, signed a record deal with Nuclear Blast and released their official debut album “Human Remains“ in May 2011. The reactions on the part of the music press and the general public were overwhelming - “Human Remais“ was frequently referred to as the Metal album of the year. And what the gents promise on the record is being kept live as well. Be close to the action when HELL inflame the underworld’s fire on Europe’s stages and summon hell on earth!