Californian up-and-comers HOLY GRAIL – vaunted for their innovative “NWoBHM meets modern times” mixture of styles and talked about as L.A.’s most exciting metal band of the past two decades – have recently inked a European deal with Nuclear Blast Records! Over this course, the band sends greetings to all their fans in Europe: With their upcoming second studio album entitled “Ride The Void”, HOLY GRAIL will doubtlessly be vaulted to new heights of glory! The record is set to be released in Europe via Nuclear Blast on the 18th of January 2013 as a limited CD version incl. bonus track, a black 2LP version and a strictly limited clear 2LP version. The track listing reads as follows: 01. Archeus 02. Bestial Triumphants 03. Dark Passenger 04. Bleeding Stone 05. Ride The Void 06. Too Decayed To Wait 07. Crosswinds 08. Take It To The Grave 09. Sleep Of Virtue 10. Silence The Scream 11. The Great Artifice 12. Wake Me When It’s Over 13. Rains Of Sorrow Bonus Track: 14. Can’t Hide The Wolf The cover artwork was created by famous American Digital Matte Artist Dylan Cole, who is well-known for his work on movies like “The Lord Of The Rings”, “Avatar” and “Daredevil”. Absolutely understandable that the band is psyched about his contribution, as lead guitarist Eli Santana expresses in this video: Stay tuned for more news on “Ride The Void”. And make sure to buckle up – ‘cause it’s gonna be one hell of a ride!