Members of the multinational blues rock band BLUES PILLS stopped by Nuclear Blast HQ in Germany and discussed their favorite piece of vinyl, their musical influences, and the track “Devil Man” from their upcoming release. Meet the band on YouTube: Featuring artwork by Kiryk Drewinski (THE X-RAY HARPOONS, THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERHOOD, BABY WOODROSE, THE FLYING EYES), the band’s 4-song Devil Man EP will be released physically in mini-CD and 10” vinyl versions on October 29th exclusively through the Nuclear Blast Webshop; it will also be available via all digital platforms. The EP track listing & song commentary are as follows: 01. Devil Man “One of the first songs we wrote, but it’s still one of our favorites to play. It’s just a simple riff with a good melody played with lots of energy. The message is simple and it’s about anyone who you consider to be your enemy!” 02. The River “The softest and saddest song we have. The lyrics are basically about searching for answers to life’s questions.” 03. Time Is Now “All about living in the present and enjoying the moment. Live today!” 04. Dig In “We tried to play with the dynamics of the song quite a bit. It showcases our delicate side as well as our heavy side. The lyrics are about living according to your own beliefs as opposed to what you are told to believe and not blindly buying into something.” BLUES PILLS will tour Europe this November with label mate rockers SCORPION CHILD from Austin, Texas and San Francisco doom rockers ORCHID. HEARD IT ON THE GRAPEVINE • "Blues Pills is a cool band with a ripping youngster on guitar. I'll throw these folks my vote." - Scott Holiday, RIVAL SONS • "Blues Pills sounds like a super group straight out of 1967 San Francisco - Big Brother and The Holding Company - thrown to the dirty floor to be mopped up by The Jimi Hendrix Experience Band. It's great to see a band doing the ‘60s thing with such reverence for authenticity." - Carter Kennedy, ORCHID • "The explosive offspring from a cosmic ménage à trois between the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Shocking Blue, and early Fleetwood Mac. Poppin' some of these pills will free your mind and your ass will most likely follow." - Ludwig Dahlberg, FREE FALL/ THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY • “The Blues Pills are one of the best female-fronted rock groups of the scene today, paying homage to the founders of 60's and early 70's psychedelic/hard rock music, while forging ahead into the future with their own unique sound.“ - Mike Varney, founder of SHRAPNEL RECORDS FOR FANS OF The Original Fleetwood Mac, Janis Joplin, Rival Sons, Graveyard BAND INFO Home Base: Örebro, Sweden Origin: Multinational – SWEDEN, USA, and FRANCE Genre: Blues Rock Homepage: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: