Attacking like a furious blizzard from the great white north, Canada’s powerhouse purveyors of extreme death metal KATAKLYSM have laid waste to all in their path for 22 years and are still hammering ahead with a violent intensity that is unmatched by many of their contemporaries and they are making their long awaited return to Australia in December! Boasting trademark elements in their sound such as brutal blastbeats, earth shaking grooves, ballsy riffage and a venomous vocal attack, KATAKLYSM give every ounce of their sweat, blood and tears in their live performances that leave all who attend their shows in pure disbelief at what they have just witnessed. So, prepare to be crippled and broken on the road to devastation as the masters of the Northern Hyperblast take Australia by storm in December! Presented by Metropolis Touring and Tombowler 04.12. AUS Brisbane - Crowbar 05.12. AUS Adelaide - Fowlers Live 06.12. AUS Melbourne - Corner Hotel 07.12. AUS Sydney - Manning Bar 08.12. AUS Perth - Rosemount Hotel