The December issue of ROCK HARD magazine will be featuring an exclusive KREATOR Live-CD which will not be available in stores. „Terror Prevails - Live At Rock Hard Festival" is an outstanding recording of an awesome, smashing live performance the Thrash quartet delivered this May in the Gelsenkirchen Amphitheater. „Now, KREATOR have reached the top of their career so far. Their last three albums were placed #1 in our readers' charts, and internationally, KREATOR hold the fort, being second to none less than Slayer in their genre", ROCK HARD publisher Holger Stratmann rejoices, happy about the close collaboration with band leader Mille Petrozza. ROCK HARD and KREATOR go back a long way, being pals since their early years. This fact - and the band's anniversary, of course - is celebrated by the mag with an extensive cover story (11 pages!), many exclusive, historical pics, and a fresh photo session done in the Ruhr Museum in Essen, a very prominent location of the current capital of culture, Ruhr.2010. In the story, Mille Petrozza delivers some insight into the early days of KREATOR and his private history. „Mille is a typical immigrant kid of the Ruhr - who has come to make a living with his music and now is one of Germany's most impressive musical representatives." The digi pak CD (which is the first part of a live double album) will be the frosting on the cake of the upcoming issue. Track list: Choir of the Damned (Intro) The Pestilence Hordes of Chaos Phobia Enemy of God Impossible Brutality Endless Pain Pleasure to Kill Terrible Certainty The second part will also be released exclusively by ROCK HARD - the release date will be announced later. „The album is of outstanding quality and, in my humble opinion, a genre classic even now. It marks a highlight in the history of ROCK HARD", Stratmann comments this worldwide unique feat of supplementing a music mag with a live double album. Mille Petrozza: „After 25 years, I want to give something back to the fans, especially the ROCK HARD readers - this CD is meant as a „thank you" for all their great support. ROCK HARD Festival was one of our best performances this year, and we had planned to do something with the recordings anyway - the reactions to the gig were simply too enthusiastic." On November 17, the December issue of ROCK HARD will be published in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with a circulation of 75.000 copies. Listen to one of the featured songs HERE! Order the magazine HERE!