In’s recent interview with KREATOR vocalist/guitarist Mille Petrozza, interviewer Carlos Ramirez commented that the band’s 13th album, Phantom Antichrist, had the same anthemic feel as the band's classic 1990 album, Coma Of Souls. Mille’s response: "You're definitely right.” He goes on to list the heritage bands who’ve inspired the new album, and name-dropped one that would be least expected from a German thrash metal band: Manowar. States Mille: "[The song ‘From Flood To Into Fire’] definitely stands out on the album. It's got a strange rhythm going on in it. I think it even has some kind of Manowar thing happening through it. But let me just be clear -- the good era Manowar, not the recent stuff [laughs]. I'm talking about Into Glory Ride and those early albums." Read all about it at