Prepare yourself for a milestone in grind and another classic album from one of the leaders of the genre: The new LOCK UP album “Necropolis Transparent” will be released on July, 1, 2011. The song writing and production on the new recorded surpassing everything the band has done so far. The speed, riffing and intensity make this record more than just a grindcore album and see LOCK UP come into their own true identity. Now, the band announced the tracklist and the artwork of the upcoming album: 01. Brethren Of The Pentagram 02. Accelerated Mutation 03. The Embodiment Of Paradox And Chaos 04. Necropolis Transparent 05. Parasite Drama 06. Anvil Of Flesh 07. Rage Incarnate Reborn 08. Unseen Enemy 09. Stygian Reverberations 10. Life Of Devastation 11. Roar Of A Thousand Throats 12. Infiltrate And Destroy 13. Discharge The Fear 14. Vomiting Evil 15. Stigmatyr (bonus track) 16. Through The Eyes Of My Shadow Self 17. Tartarus (instrumental)