For december, 21st 2012, the ancient maya culture is predicting a big change – which could be the arrival of a certain divinity, or even aliens. Mark Jansen (EPICA) formed the project MAYAN out of it. Their debut album „Quarterpast“ will be released on May, 20th. It is a musical Death Metal Symphony, with guests like Floor Jansen (REVAMP) and Simone Simons (EPICA), as well as musicians of the dutch elite, such as GOD DETHRONED, PESTILENCE and others. Watch a new studio trailer and see how Simone and Floor sang together, below! You can also have a free download of the track „Drown The Demon“ HERE! Mark explains, why the band has chosen this track: „This is the song on which Simone and Floor sing together. Fans of AFTER FOREVER and EPICA have been asking for years about a cooperation on an album between both singers, and now it finally happened. Besides that „Drown The Demon“ shows what MaYaN stands for: heavy riffs, guitarsolo's, lots of grunts and still anough room for melodic parts.“