Fernandes Guitars and Ashmedi of Mesopotamian thrashing black metal pioneers MELECHESH, have collaborated to present the very unique Vortex Scimitar 12-string electric guitar! This is arguably the first mass produced electric 12-string in a V shape, offering a whole new approach to composing extreme metal and music in general. “The first time I played a 12-string I noticed that I could compose MELECHESH tracks differently,” commented vocalist/guitarist/mastermind Ashmedi. “New ideas started popping up and basically the 12-string opened a ton of new musical dimensions to me. I was very glad when Fernandes took on this adventurous endeavour and made it a reality. The octave sounds are subtle and great when playing power chords, single notes and fast riffing. To an extent, you get a feeling of a storm or an orchestra accompanying you when playing the Scimitar. Hopefully this will open up some new musical ideas in the extreme metal scene.” Fernandes Vortex SCIMITAR 12-string DLX 2013 specs: BODY : Mahogany NECK : Maple, Neck Through FINGERBOARD : Rosewood, 25 1/2" Scale 24 Jumbo Frets, 14" Radius Pearl Split Square Head Inlays NUT : Graphtech TREM NUT 1 7/8" TUNING GEARS : Die-Cast BRIDGE : Special Bridge for 12 Strings CONTROL : 1 Volume PICKUP : BRIDGE : EMG-81 COLOR : Black For further information please contact sales@musicaldistributors.com (USA) and export@fernandesguitars.com (World) or your local dealer. Check out the video clip for the song “Grand Gathas Of Baal Sin” from their most recent masterpiece The Epigenesis. The clip was shot at the cisterns in Istanbul, Turkey in late 2010 by Canadian director Rouzbeh Heydari and produced by Tumay Irgas. Check out the clip at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0O5D0A-YHxg The Epigenesis, was recorded in the newly built first class Babajim Studios in Istanbul, Turkey. The album was mixed by Reuben de Lautour and mastered by Pieter Snapper. In an unprecedented move in metal, the band chose to record the album entirely in Istanbul in an attempt to capture the inspiring surroundings. Babajim Studios is run by some of the most elite sound engineers in Turkey. For more info visit: www.melechesh.com | www.facebook.com/melechesh | www.nuclearblast.de/melechesh