Sumerian black/thrash metallers MELECHESH have just returned from their European tour as special guests of label mates SAMAEL. Mastermind, vocalist and guitarist Ashmedi offers the following positive summary: “So far we have completed our fourth tour, plus a festival run in support of The “Epigenesis” album. Yet we still have some more gigs to announce. Lux Mundi tour was a great experience for one thing the weather was great so that things like the flu, ice and floods were kept at bay, but more importantly touring with talented bands like KEEP OF KALESSIN and SAMAEL was a pleasure , both on a professional and personal level as well . Massive Music did a very good job as always - a professional crew which is more like family than anything else. The opening acts MINKUS, DARK END, FLUXIOUS, DEAD SHAPE FIGURE, NOCTEM, SIX REASONS TO KILL and INFERI all had something different to offer , which added spice and diversity to each night of the tour, plus the guys and gals in those bands were just superb to have around. Now it is time to sit and compose!” Furthermore, French comic artist Fabrice Gagos has included a tribute to both MELECHESH members Ashmedi and Moloch to his weekly updated web comic by dedicating one of the main characters – Sayid – to the two. Here’s what the creator says about it: “ ‘Ghouls of Nineveh’ is an ongoing web-comic featuring a pack of super-cool metal-heads fighting bloodthirsty Mesopotamian zombies for their lives after they’ve been awakened by mistake by a bunch of ultra-conservative Christians praying in their church. All of the above based upon some Mesopotamian legends, including goddess Ereshkigal and her long lost beloved, Nergal, god of plague... Mesopotamia, ghouls, metal-heads and mysticism - I couldn't help but find that particular MELECHESH’s title fitted perfectly. Most of all, I don't want to spoil you the fun, but I can tell you that Sayid, guitar player and PhD in archeology owner (character-tribute to Moloch and Ashmedi), will take part in the rescuing of his friends. Metal, friendship and fun to save the world – with a bit of gore!” Ashmedi is delighted: “Seeing how our music , song titles , lyrics , concepts, no matter how loosely related , inspire different artistic endeavours such as on this comic is satisfying and flattering to say the least! Plus I found it to be very entertaining and well done.” Check out the English version of the comic at: There’s also a French version available at: