SCION A/V ( ) has again partnered with Sweden’s extreme, technical metal band MESHUGGAH to offer fans “Pitch Black”: two exclusive, unreleased tracks available as a digital download and as a limited edition 10-inch vinyl record. The Pitch Black digital download is available now for free at: The limited edition 10” vinyl records will be available each night during the upcoming “The Ophidian Trek 2013 – 2nd Slithering” U.S. tour at the MESHUGGAH merch table (for tour dates, visit: ). SCION’s manager of sales promotion, Jeri Yoshizu, comments: “Meshuggah is such a force in metal world. Working with them last year helped develop a great relationship, and led to us work together again.” “Pitch Black” tracklist: 1. Pitch Black (Recorded in July 2003 by Fredrik Thordendal at Fear and Loathing, Stockholm, Sweden) 2. Dancers to a Discordant System (Live; Recorded live at Distortion Fest, Eindhoven, Netherlands in 2012)