Danish modern tech metal heroes MNEMIC just issued the following update: Hello World, We are back from the dead space. The circumstances are abit different now, than what they where 1 year ago in the MNEMIC camp. After playing for 10 years, times do change, and some members of the band have started taking different paths in their personal lives. The first change started with Tomas "Obeast" Koefoed leaving the band, being replaced by Italian bassplayer Simone Bertozzi (EMPYRIOUS, MODERN AGE SLAVERY). Simone has been playing some shows with us and has actually been with the band since Tomas left back in March/April. The second change, due to personal and musical differences, we have also decided that it is best to part ways, with both Brian "Brylle" Rasmussen and Rune Stigart. Like any relationship, there things that are impossible to work out, and we are extremely sadden by this situation, but there is nothing else to do than to take a step into a different direction. We wish our brothers all the best for the future, and we hope to see them soon again in their own musical and artistic endeavors. Their replacement will be found in the two new members Victor-Ray Salomonsen and Brian Larsen from Danish tech-act VIRA. MNEMIC 2011 is: Guillaume Bideau - Vocals Mircea Gabriel Eftemie - Guitar Victor-Ray Salomonsen - Guitar Simone Bertozzi - Bass Brian Larsen - Drums Commented by Guitarist Mircea Gabriel Eftemie: "We've been together for a long time, and I am sad to see the guys not being there anymore, as we once used to. We where not able to work as a unit anymore, due to many reasons, being personal and even logistical. That is why we have chosen to part ways. It has not been easy at all, since lots of turns have taken place in our personal lives and unfortunately this has been the only solution. Its been a spirit crusher for me, not being able to create music, being creative and share the passion we once used to have. The band needs to tour a lot more, go to places we haven't been, play for audiences that crave the music we make - and this is exactly what we intend to do with a new line-up. Apparently there is still a demand for our machine, and we are grateful for that. Therefore we are now reloading it by making a new album to be released in 2012, followed by an intensive touring schedule. See you all very soon in a not so distant future, over the rainbow…" Commented by Vocalist Guillaume Bideau: “O'beast in April and now Brian and Rune are not part of the band anymore. It's a very weird feeling because a band, as often said, is like another family to you. It will be more than strange not to see their faces anymore on stage, in the rehearsal, in the studio and in all the other places we were used to share together. But we're still friends and that's the most important. We cannot look into the past, we have to be moving forward. I think this new line up is the best we could have and Simone, Victor and Brian are great, creative and dedicated musicians. On top of that, they are great guys, so it could not be better. Today Mnemics face on stage is different - but what are we here for!? To play some fucking metal and kick some asses! And this will not change, I promise.. See y'all next year!" The band have commenced writing a new album to be released in 2012 through Nuclear Blast Records. Keep an eye out on this space!