“Junkies On The Storm,” a track off the new album Mnemesis by Danish modern metallers MNEMIC, is now available for streaming at this location (scroll to the bottom of the page). Guitarist/songwriter Mircea Gabriel Eftemie shares a little background on the song’s crushing main riff: “I demoed the riff for the last album [2010’s Sons Of The System], and it sounded horrible. When we started the writing process for Mnemesis, I went through the pile of demo songs I had and played some stuff for [guitarist] Victor-Ray. He then took the riff and started toying around with it. All of a sudden, he started bending it. I thought it sounded really awesome, since it had a Pantera-esque feel to it, and from there on, we started building the song. I told him to play it over and over again, and the rest is history. Something funny about our time in the studio: Our bassist Simone lives in the countryside in Italy, so he brought in some sausage from the farm. Yeah, you guessed it - we all ate his Italian sausage.” In response to the rumor that he was bitten by red ants while tracking in the studio, vocalist Guillaume Bideau shares: “Hell no! There ain't no ants in Antfarm Studios, but a lot booze instead! I don't make vocal demos - I start working on the composition of the vocals when I'm in the studio, behind my microphone. I like to improvise and keep it as spontaneous as possible. I usually start working pretty late, around 10 PM, but during the Mnemesis sessions, I sometimes surprised myself by starting to record at 2 AM and that was the case for this song. I was not really in the mood for singing that evening - it happens sometimes. It took me at least 20 minutes to get into the mood. But once I recorded the first sentence, an ocean of ideas invaded my head and it only took me 2 hours to compose and record the vocals. I listened to the entire song just once before going to bed because I was very tired. The day after, it was absolutely impossible for me to remember anything of what I had recorded a few hours earlier. I had a great surprise when I played the song!! One of my top songs on this damn album!! Along with the 9 other ones, heh heh.” Due out in North America on June 19th, Mnemesis is MNEMIC’s fifth studio album. The digi-pak + exclusive t-shirt bundle can be pre-ordered at Nuclear Blast USA’s Webshop. Listen to “I’ve Been You” on the band’s Facebook page. Download MNEMIC’s free mobile roadie app for iPhone & iPad here. Mnemesis was recorded at Antfarm Studios (no ants!) in Aabyhøj, Denmark with long-time producer Tue Madsen (Behemoth, The Haunted, Threat Signal). Check out MNEMIC’s in-studio video blogs here: Part I: Drums Part II: Guitars Part III: More Guitars Part IV: Bass Part V: Vocals MNEMIC 2012 is Guillaume Bideau on vocals, Mircea Gabriel Eftemie on guitar, Victor-Ray Salomonsen on guitar, Simone Bertozzi on bass, and Brian Larsen on drums. Sons Of The System, MNEMIC’s 2010 release, debuted at No. 64 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.