Mnemesis, the fifth studio album by Danish modern metallers MNEMIC, was released today in North America and guitarist/songwriter Mircea Gabriel Eftemie’s mind is all over the place. Bored with the standard fare of “track-by-track” commentaries, this crazy Dane decided to have a little fun and headed down to his friend ex-Hatesphere/Raunchy drummer Morten Toft Hansen’s house for some dinner and a game of word association. Eftemie read him the Mnemesis track names, recorded Morten’s responses, and then did a word association on his word association. The results are below (Eftemie’s responses in bold). Mnemesis Track 01, “Transcend”= Meditation = "StegtFlæsk med persille sovs." I have no idea what that’s called in English, but it’s a great Viking dish. Mnemesis Track 02, “Valves” = Heart Surgery = Keep working out with metal music in your ears and stop eating junk food. Mnemesis Track 03, “Junkies On The Storm” = Face-Eating Drug Addicts = Never judge. Mnemesis Track 04, “I’ve Been You” = Peter Frampton’s “I’m In You” (Live) = Great haircut. Mnemesis Track 05, “Pattern Platform” = The International Space Station = Mass data acquisition. Mnemesis Track 06, “Mnemesis” = Public Enemy (the band) = Great band and the true representation of rap with political twists that blows every R&B artist out of the water. Mnemesis Track 07, “There’s No Tomorrow” = Atomic Bombs = Too complicated and obsolete warfare; imagine what you can do with viruses these days. Mnemesis Track 08, “Haven At The End Of The World” = Galileo Galilei = Pizza in the sky. Mnemesis Track 09, “Ocean Of Void” = The Mariana Trench = Jules Vernes goldmine. Mnemesis Track 10, “Blue Desert In A Black Hole” = Stephen Hawking = He was portrayed in The Simpsons and has his cartoon toy-figure in his office. Mnemesis North American Bonus Track, “A Matter Of Choice” = Regular Fries or Curly Fries? = Curly Fries of corpse!!! The Mnemesis digi-pak can be ordered from Nuclear Blast USA’s Webshop at “Junkies On The Storm” can be streamed on the MNEMIC Landing Page (scroll to the bottom) at Listen to “I’ve Been You” on the band’s Facebook page at Download MNEMIC’s free mobile roadie app for iPhone & iPad at MNEMIC 2012 is Guillaume Bideau on vocals, Mircea Gabriel Eftemie on guitar, Victor-Ray Salomonsen on guitar, Simone Bertozzi on bass, and Brian Larsen on drums.