What do all celebrity chefs, Julia Child, and The Muppets’ Swedish Chef have in common? They don’t know jack about the proper side dishes that best accentuate the taste of a freshly roasted human head! Thaaat’s riiight, just when you thought your kitchen & taste buds were safe, Richmond, Virginia’s very own MUNICIPAL WASTE will be gracing the front cover to Decibel Magazine’s March 2012 issue. In it, the band discusses the ins & outs of their upcoming fifth studio album, The Fatal Feast, due out in North America on April 10th. And what’s for dessert, you ask? A healthy dose of touring, of course! The Fatal Feast features guest appearances by Nuclear Assault guitarist & vocalist John Connelly, Zombi’s Steve Moore, and vocalist Tim Barry. Order your copy of Decibel Issue #89 at http://store.decibelmagazine.com/collections/back-issues/products/march-2012-089. Don’t look for comfort food recipes here, ‘cuz you won’t find ‘em at: www.FACETHEWASTE.com www.facebook.com/MUNICIPALWASTE www.myspace.com/MUNICIPALWASTE YouTube.com/MUNICIPALWASTE Twitter.com/MUNICIPALWASTE