The cover artwork for MUNICIPAL WASTE’s fifth studio album – due out in North America on April 10th and in Europe on April 13th - was created by Justin Osbourn of Slasher Design. Osbourn answers a few questions about the artistic process for his “Waste In Space” masterpiece: Did you hear any new music before you created this bad boy? Nope, I wasn’t given any of the new song demos beforehand. Ryan [Waste, guitarist] kinda gave me an overall theme and certain elements that they wanted to see in the artwork. Being a fan of the band, I just took that and added what I thought would enhance it further. Why does the guy being eaten resemble Captain James Tiberius Kirk? It’s kinda weird that you say that... I happen to be quite the fan of the original Star Trek series. It would have totally made sense for that to be Captain Kirk being devoured, but unfortunately, that was never my intent. Perhaps it was subconsciously, though? How ‘bout we just tell everyone it is. Anything hidden in the artwork (a la Derek Riggs/Iron Maiden covers) that fans should keep an eye out for? Sorta. The number of cheap beer cans/bottles laying around on the cover are just about the right number I would drink on a night I would call a Pretty Damn Good Night. Oh, and there’s an empty half pint of Viaka Vodka in there as well; it’s just that it’s laying behind The Waste-oids devouring Captain Kirk. Ha ha. In your opinion, what brand of beer gives the best “Kssshhhhkt!” sound when you open it? I like to keep it on the classy side, so the answer is simple. The champagne of beers... Miller High Life.