What are the differences between what goes on in a rehearsal space for sweaty, all-male bands and sweaty, all-female bands? Amps cranked to 11? Check. Headbanging to a good groove? Check. Shenanigans? Check. Looks like the answer is ‘not much’… unless bikinis count. Well, we saw one, anyway. Check out CRUCIFIED BARBARA’s video for their new single “Into The Fire” - created by ColdheArt.se – on the band’s official YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NpICwME2S4! The band’s upcoming third album, The Midnight Chase, will be released via Nuclear Blast in North America this summer. The album was recorded at the legendary Music-A-Matic Vintage Recording Studio in Gothenberg with sound engineer Henryk Lipp and producer Chips Kiesby. Formed in 1998 in Stockholm, Sweden, CRUCIFIED BARBARA play drenched-in-sweat, ass-whoopin’ rock 'n' roll tinged with metal, punk, pop, and thrash. As if that weren’t enough, they top the whole package off with the attitude of bloodied brass knuckles, so don’t get too close!