Today NIGHTWISH release their live & tour documentary DVD »Showtime, Storytime«. It contains the incredible Wacken live show – filmed by 17 cameras, in front of more than 80.000 screaming metalheads, as well as the 2-hour documentation “Please learn the setlist in 48 hours” – both featuring the bands new singer Floor Jansen! Get yourself an impression along with the brand new trailer: Wanna see more? Trailer #1: Trailer #2: Trailer #3: Trailer #4: ‘Ghost Love Score’ (live): ‘Storytime’ (Live): Some international quotes, from the overwhelming international press feedback: "On the stage of Wacken an exhibition took place, that will remain long in the memory of all the fans: simply perfect, exciting and theatrical. The triumph of Nightwish!" ROCK HARD (IT), Michele Martini "As symphonic metal’s behemoth, and ardent perfectionists, Nightwish know how to dazzle" METAL HAMMER (UK), Jonathan Selzer „Showtime, Storytime“ is a wonderful journey through the bands past year, reaching its peak during the awesome Wacken show. Harmony, a breath of fresh air and a gripping set list…” AMUSIO.COM (D), Anne C. Swallow „A band, that never was better before“ SONIC SEDUCER (D), Jasmin Froghy „A high-class product, that fulfills all your wishes“ LEGACY (D) “A perfect deal and a good marriage between a great singer with a band still alive. All recorded on Dvd for live show in the best location ever” METAL MANIAC (IT), Ivan Gaudenzi “When it comes to Floor Jansen it's obvious why almost everyone has saluted her arrival to Nightwish. She is without any doubt the most versatile singer ever in the bands long history, because she masters to perfection almost every singing styles. What is in particular important is that she can cut through the big wall of sound on stage, and not only by doing the classic or opera-orientated styles which was associated a lot to ex-singer Tarja. Especially the endings of songs like "Ever Dream" and "Ghost Love Score" will make your jaw drop to the floor.” METALIZED (DK), Kristian Kongshøj Order »Showtime, Storytime« at: or from the official Nightwish Shop at: or via iTunes (live album incl. digital booklet):