NIGHTWISH just released the first single 'Élan', from the upcoming new studio album »Endless Forms Most Beautiful«, which will be out on March 27th (EU), 30th (UK) and 31st (US). Today you can enjoy the 11th episode from the “making of” series about the new CD. In this trailer, NIGHTWISH give you a look behind the scenes of the video shoot, and explain how the decision, to have 'Élan' as the first single, has being made. Enjoy the trailer here: Watch the whole videoclip for 'Élan' here: The 4-track single features the album version, radio edit and an alternate version of 'Élan', as well as the non-album bonus track 'Sagan'. Order your copy here: »Endless Forms Most Beautiful« will be released in different formats: Check out all previous “making of album 2015” trailers: | | | (#4) Summer Camp (#5) More Campers | (#6) New Hometown | (#7) Almost There | (#8) London (#9) Mixing and Mastering | (#10) Ready! | (#11) Rel. of the first single