In anticipation of their new upcoming record, the masters of historical-themed brutality, NILE, reveal the tracklist of »What Should Not Be Unearthed«, which will be released on August, 28th via Nuclear Blast. The tracklist is as follows: 01. Call To Destruction 02. Negating The Abominable Coils Of Apep 03. Liber Stellae Rubeae 04. In The Name Of Amun 05. What Should Not Be Unearthed 06. Evil To Cast Out Evil 07. Age Of Famine 08. Ushabti Reanimator 09. Rape Of The Black Earth 10. To Walk Forth From Flames Unscathed Pre-order your copy of NILE’s new masterpiece »What Should Not Be Unearthed« here: Mastermind Karl Sanders comments on the band’s new output: “The goal for the new record was sheer epic brutality. The focus this time around is on brutal Heavy Metal riffing and songwriting; kind of like of an »Annihilation Of The Wicked« approach but very streamlined to achieve maximum destructive impact. So we believe that we have a truly crushing disc to bring to metal fans. Although »Unearthed« is still full of the kind of undeniable musicianship people have come to expect from us over the years, it’s the songs themselves that will hit listeners over the head this time around.”