Craig Locicero, guitarist & songwriter for the Bay Area thrash band FORBIDDEN and co-host of the Omega Wave Podcast, attended the Occupy Oakland demonstration on November 2nd and inaugurated a special video episode of the Omega Wave Podcast. View the footage here. “I’m here to ask questions,” states Locicero in his introduction. “I don’t really have any answers… but I can tell you this much, in my opinion, and the one thing I know for fact: this is better than sitting on your ass and complaining about the world.” People interviewed in this 43-minute segment include: • Rabbi Lerner from • Haroon, an injured protestor • Rick, a carpenter & union worker • Mary, a retired schoolteacher who works with the Oakland Education Association • Musicians Allen & Barry, members of Contrast The Water from South Africa • Winston Burton from B.O.S.S. • Calvin, an Occupy Oakland attendee Craig Locicero, Bill Shields, and Jeff Schenck of (co-collaborators & producers of the audio/video versions of the Omega Wave Podcast) are currently seeking another producer/talent booker to assist with the show. If you are interested, please contact Bill Shields at