San Francisco-based doom rockers ORCHID have released the official music video for 'Wizard Of War', the first single off the band's upcoming masterpiece The Mouths Of Madness. Check out the video at Furthermore British METAL HAMMER has made the entire new ORCHID album »The Mouths Of Madness« available for streaming at their homepage – surf to: The Mouths Of Madness is going to be released April 26, 2013 via Nuclear Blast. Pre-order your CD/Vinyl copy via As an appetizer for »The Mouths Of Madness«, ORCHID recently released the exclusive 10“ vinyl EP »Wizard Of War«, containing a brand new track, a rare bonus track as well as one song off the band's stunning debut album »Capricorn«. The EP can also be purchased via the above link. ORCHID have been named "The best and most important doom band of the past five years“ by ROCK HARD Germany's chief in editor Goetz Kuehnemund and BEHEMOTH's legendary mainman Nergal stated "BLACK SABBATH should do an album like The Mouths Of Madness!“ Also check out:

 Under The Influence w/ Carter Kennedy: Under The Influence w/ Mark Thomas Baker: Under The Influence w/ Keith Nickel: Album trailer 1: Album trailer 2:
 'Wizard Of War' lyric video: 'Capricorn' music video: