A snippet of the new song “Saviours Of The Blind” with text commentary by San Francisco-based doom rockers ORCHID is now available on YouTube at http://youtu.be/L80NkpIsbzI. Guitarist Mark Thomas Baker shares some insight on the track’s origin: “We had been jamming on different variations of the middle part for a few years and it felt really natural to expand on it and put it in the middle of this song. [“Saviours Of The Blind”] was played live on tour quite a bit, so we had this down pretty good by the time we recorded it. I love the way it came out in the studio.” ORCHID’s 3-song Heretic EP will be available in North America on 10” colored vinyl in September. Track listing is: 01: Heretic 02: Falling Away 03: Saviours Of The Blind The “Heretic” lyric video is available at http://youtu.be/SJ6eZ4wGiJ0. Listen to the “Falling Away” snippet at http://bit.ly/NX8rUA. Songs from ORCHID’s 2009 Through The Devil’s Doorway EP & 2011 Capricorn album can be streamed on the band’s Facebook page. Click on the "Listen” and “Videos" tabs: www.facebook.com/ORCHIDSF More info on ORCHID’s full-length debut for Nuclear Blast will be announced soon. ORCHID is Theo Mindell on vocals, Mark Thomas Baker on guitar, Keith Nickel on bass, and Carter Kennedy on drums.