ORIGIN recently uploaded their second video blog chronicling the making of their upcoming masterpiece entitled Entity. Part 2 documents recording bass and guitar parts for the album. Check it out below! They have released the first of three track by track commentaries concerning their highly anticipated new album Entity. Part 1 is as follows: 1. Expulsion of Fury Paul Ryan: Well I don’t how to put it other than WE’RE BACK! It’s just a taste of what's to come. Out of the gate at LUDICROUS SPEED with one of the most challenging ORIGIN riffs of all time, then it slams into our traditional pattern blasting. Followed by a new challenge of song composition & dynamics. The last riff is a heartbeat pulse that John throws a machine gun blast that's just pummeling. John Longstrength: A heartbeat with a BAAAAAAD murmur. This first half of this song is like going back in time and visiting the Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas days for me. For 10 years people have been asking ORIGIN to play grooves, so we play some grooves right here. if there isn't enough on this song, what do we do? 2. Purgatory John Longstrength: WE PLAY ANOTHER GROOVE!!!! But immediately bring back the warp speed brutality. This is one of the handful of songs that we worked on while stranded in Holland for 12 days. Brings back strange memories of experimenting with a 5 piece. Paul Ryan: I always wanted to do something really heavy and draw the listener in and then explode back out with a really quick riff. Short and sick like! Mike Flores: Super catchy followed immediately by crazy. Fun at first but then it starts to hurt. 3. Conceiving Death John Longstrength: The final song of the opening trilogy of Entity. This song incorporates classic ORIGIN death grind, break downs, a really bizarre punch section and some black metal thrown in at the end JUST to make sure all the bases are covered. Paul Ryan: About as brutal as you can get on this one for me. Mike & I split up the lyrics/vocal patterns on this one. I wrote the solo w a little IRON MAIDEN harmony at the tail end for fun! 4. Swarm John Longstrength: Classic meat n' potatoes ORIGIN. Short and sweet. This is the first song Paul and I worked on in my living room with padded drums and a POD plugged into my stereo. Paul Ryan: In your face ORIGIN. Fast swarming guitars!” Look for Entity in both physical and digital formats on June 7 (N. America) and June 10 (Europe). Artwork (attached) was handled this time around by Colin Marks. Entity Track Listing: 1. Expulsion Of Fury 2. Purgatory 3. Conceiving Death 4. Swarm 5. Saliga 6. The Descent 7. Fornever 8. Committed 9. Banishing Illusion 10. Consequence Of Solution 11. Evolution Of Extinction One of the most intense and technical forces of the contemporary death metal world, ORIGIN has returned to stake its claim as the leader of metal's new wave of extremity with its fifth studio effort. As expected, the death grind trio of Mike Flores (bass, vocals), Paul Ryan (guitar, vocals) and John Longstreth (drums) continues to churn out frantic, hell-paced grids of metal torment, but now further complements the arrangements with a newfound propensity for churning grooves and the hook-laden approach that first reared its ugly, but accessible head on the band's 2007 offering, Antithesis. The band once again returned to Chapman Recording Studios in Lenexa, Kansas to work with longtime engineer and friend Robert Rebeck. As stated multiple times in the past, ORIGIN proves once again that they stand head and shoulders above their peers.