Technical death masters, ORIGIN, have released third of three track by track commentaries concerning their highly anticipated new album Entity. Part 3 is as follows: “9. Banishing Illusion John Longstreth: NAPALM DEATH, REPULSION, ROTTEN SOUND, MISERY INDEX, grind!!! So fun! Paul Ryan: Our grind song. S.O.D. meets NAPALM DEATH meets CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER. Just fucking fun to play! 10. Consequence of Solution John Longstreth: Epic #2. Lots of parts, kind of like ‘Phantom of the Opera’ by IRON MAIDEN. See if you can pick out my Pete Sandoval tribute. A lot of new ideas surfacing on this one. It's almost like a montage of what you might hear on the next album. Paul Ryan: The beginning of the song up to the thunder storm was the first thing written for the album and the rest was the last for us to finish. The most changes in a song we have ever done. Really excited about how this came out and what our fans will think. Rob Rebeck did a amazing Job!!! Mike Flores: I think this may have been the first song Paul started to show me back in May of ‘09. It was just a short piece then. 11. Evolution Of Extinction John Longstreth: For me, this song is all about flow. Very back beat oriented. This guy has deep pockets. It should make the ladies dance, the men headbang, and the kids tear each other to hreds. Some more groove in the end just in case you forgot. SOMEONE likes BOLT THROWER. Paul Ryan: Its got all the riffs for all the right moods. You can headbang. You can throwdown in the pit to it and for the ladys you can shake your backside to it! Mike Flores: One of my favorites. Definitely dig the topic. 12. You Fail John Longstreth: The quickest written song on the album. I started making dinner while Paul was playing with the arpeggio bendy bit in my living room. I think he had the entire thing complete by the time I had tacos made. Oh yea, black metal. Paul Ryan: This song was written in about a day with a couple riffs that were just on the back burner. One of my favorite riffs is the arpeggio w the bend!!! Just thrown together and it worked! RABID TERADACTYL VOCALS!!!” Entity Track Listing: 1. Expulsion Of Fury 2. Purgatory 3. Conceiving Death 4. Swarm 5. Saliga 6. The Descent 7. Fornever 8. Committed 9. Banishing Illusion 10. Consequence Of Solution 11. Evolution Of Extinction Look for “Entity” in both physical and digital formats on June 7 (N. America) and June 10 (Europe).