Swedish industrial metal icons PAIN, lead by legendary producer Peter Tägtgren just confirmed on Metalcamp 2012. Headbanger´s Holidays is METALCAMP´s motto and credo – an indeed nice, comfortable and truely unique atmosphere with summer and vacation vibe. Can´t ask for more! Nowhere else you can so easily and nicely relax, swim, sun bath, drink and hang out and bang your head a few hundred meters away than at METALCAMP Slovenia! So far these bands have been confirmed for 2012: SABATON PARADISE LOST KATAKLYSM PAIN KORPIKLAANI HEATHEN METALCAMP Tolmin/Slovenia, August 5 – 10, 2012 Get your Ticket here: http://www.nuclearblast.de/de/produkte/tickets/open-air/ticket/metalcamp-tolmin-slo-tageskarte-2012.html