On their way to sound more cinematic than ever before, Rhapsody are proud to announce a special long-term collaboration with the amazing Czech conductor PETR POLOLANIK and his CAPELLEN ORCHESTRA & CHOIR. Nominated for Hollywood Music in Media Award in 2011, Petr and his orchestra worked for acclaimed music composers (Thomas Bergersen, Trevor Morris, Jo Blankenburg, Henry Lai), leading trailer music companies (Two Steps From Hell, Position Music, Audiomachine) and revolutionary sample libraries (Garritan, Sonokinetic, 8Dio). His recordings were featured in award winning movies and videogames (Sim City 4, Transformers and many others). “I had the chance to know my friend Petr some years ago, while I and my old band mates were recording some orchestral parts for the Rhapsody album ‘Symphony Of Enchanted Lands – Part 2’”, says Luca Turilli. And adds: “In the meantime he and his orchestra became a ‘must’ for many Hollywood composers and in the last couple of years, also thanks to his new recording studio featuring cutting-edge technology, he established himself as one of the ‘main men’ of the whole soundtrack-related music scene. Therefore it is a true honor for me, Alessandro, Patrice, Alex and Dominique, to have joined our forces with such an inspiring and wonderful person”. Alessandro Conti, the singer, continues: “This magic collaboration will lead to many artistic surprises and special live and studio events that will be revealed in the months to come. Moreover our fans will have the possibility to enjoy the majestic sound of the full orchestra and choir, featuring all in all more than 100 people, on our next full length release! Yes, I am speaking about the new RHAPSODY album, planned to be released by NUCLEAR BLAST in the late spring of 2014. Be ready and STAY CINEMATIC!” Videoclip „Clash Of The Titans“ http://youtu.be/mzdec9b0QSw Videoclip „Dark Fate Of Atlantis“: http://youtu.be/XFqOkq8ta8U Rhapsody Songpier: http://songpier.com/rhapsody