RHAPSODY OF FIRE are proud to announce to the world, that the mix of “FROM CHAOS TO ETERNITY” is now at the end and that the new album will be released by Nuclear Blast on Junem, 17th, 2011. “It is the end of an era. This historical release will end the Rhapsody’s sagas once for all after 15 years of fantasy oriented lyrics and for the last time we’ll hear Sir Christopher Lee narrating in one of our albums the last dramatic events of a legendary tale started in 1997 and told through 2 different sagas and 10 full length albums. We are surely very sad but we also know that for this same reason the upcoming release will remain in the history of the band for its artistic importance and unique epic!” RHAPSODY OF FIRE It has also arrived the moment to present the new album cover, realized once again by Felipe Machado Franco, and the new tracklist. Enjoy and wait for further exclusive news soon. Rhapsody Of Fire "From Chaos To Eternity" AD INFINITUM FROM CHAOS TO ETERNITY TEMPESTA DI FUOCO (GHOSTS OF FORGOTTEN WORLDS ANIMA PERDUTA AEONS OF RAGING DARKNESS I BELONG TO THE STARS TORNADO HEROES OF THE WATERFALLS’ KINGDOM I. Lo Spirito Della Foresta II. Realm Of Sacred Waterfalls III. Thanor’s Awakening IV. Northern Skies Enflamed V. The Splendour Of Angels’ Glory (A Final Revelation)