RHAPSODY are proud to present the new visual creation of the talented director OWE LINGVALL of DREAMDAY MEDIA (www.dreamdaymedia.com). It is the video realized for the song DARK FATE OF ATLANTIS, the first single extracted from the new album ASCENDING TO INFINITY, to be released on JUNE 22 by NUCLEAR BLAST. The song was edited and made shorter for the video while on the album it will appear in its original version of 6:29 minutes. The members of Luca Turilli’s RHAPSODY state: “This video represents just the first step of the collaboration between RHAPSODY and DREAMDAY MEDIA, the company of our friend Owe. He was just the right choice for a band willing to sound and look cinematic like ours. We share with him the passion for the cinema, we are amazed by his ability of turning our cinematic visions into reality and at the same time he loves the cinematic impact of our music. This means Owe is and will be our artistic partner at all effects, now and in the future. The first results of this unique collaboration will be announced very soon, therefore please expect great visual surprises in the months to come, headliner tour included!” RTN-TOURING and ALL ACCESS , in association with NUCLEAR BLAST and Owe Lingvall’s DREAMDAY MEDIA, are working right now on the ASCENDING TO INFINITY CINEMATIC WORLD TOUR 2012/2013 that will bring the cinematic metal of RHAPSODY on the stages of the whole world. Dates soon to be announced! Watch the clip here: http://youtu.be/XFqOkq8ta8U